Sheridan Animation Year 2 Semester 1


My name is Terry and here’s all my work from Year 2 Semester 1 of Sheridan’s Animation Program.

You can see my previous work here:


A Break Down of Year 2 Semester 1

The first semester of Sheridan’s Animation Program has a total of six courses broken into eight classes:

  1. 2D Applications: 3 hour class
  2. Animation Action Analysis:
    • Animation Lab: 2 hour class
    • Animation Lecture: 1 hour class
  3. 2D Layout:
    • 2D Layout Lab: 2 hour class
    • 2D Layout Lecture: 1 hour class
  4. Life Drawing: 3 hour class
  5. 3D Animation: 3 hour class
  6. Storyboarding: 2 hour class


2D Applications

This class is a continuation of Digital Tools from Year 1. Unfortunately, I lost all my assignment work, because I didn’t save it before the drive was wiped over the break. Lesson learned! 😦

Animation Action Analysis

Smear Frame

For this assignment we have to move a character from one side of the screen to the other using only one frame, called a smear frame.

Flame FX

For this assignment, we have to animate a candle flame in a loop.

Action Analysis

For this assignment, we have to animate a character pushing a heavy box (motivation, interaction, result).



Walk Take Run

For this assignment, we must animate 3 shots:

  • Shot 1: Character A runs/walks into the scene
  • Shot 2: Character A meets Character B, either character does a take
  • Shot 3: Character B runs/walks away



Final with Colour (for fun!):

2D Layout

Cafe Interior Rough Line


  • Counter for transaction
  • Doorway
  • Window
  • Seating
  • Linework must be rough, but ready for cleanup
  • Multiple underlays and overlays ready for animation (Ex. a character can walk behind or in front of objects)

Sheridan College Layout Shop Interior Rough Line

Street Corner Rough Line


  • A shop on the corner of a street
  • Linework must be rough, but ready for cleanup
  • Multiple underlays and overlays ready for animation

Sheridan College Layout Street Corner

Vertical Pan

Two camera movements – a pan and a truck in/out

  • Motivation for the pan and truck. Mine follows the milk stream down to a mouse swimming in milk, with a truck out to show a cat watching
  • Linework must be rough, but ready for cleanup
  • Clean line finished using vector
  • Multiple underlays and overlays ready for animation

Cafe Interior Clean Line


  • Choose either the shop interior or shop exterior to clean up.
  • Clean line follows the style of an established show. I chose Gravity Falls.

Sheridan College Layout Shop Interior Clean Line

3D Animation

For 3D, we are provided with a number of rigged models, which we animate step-by-step in class.

Bouncing Ball


  • Ball bounces once
  • Ball recoils like jelly after the bounce

Ball and Tail


  • Ball bounces twice before bouncing onto a box
  • Ball jumps off the box
  • Tail follows through

Bipedal Step to the Side


  • Character (provided) dows a stretch step to the side, away from a falling box
  • Character reacts to box that fell

Walk Cycle

Holy crap this assignment was tricky! I’ve never worked with a 3D model like this before and it was certainly a learning curve. I’m not at all happy with the result, but my mentality with my projects this year was to do my best with the time allotted and move on, rather than trying to perfect things which was what I did last year.


  • Character (provided) takes 4 steps

Dog Walk Cycle


  1. Dog (provided) loops in a walking cycle
  2. Tongue’s gotta stick out and flop!
  3. Ears gotta flop, plus follow through on all other body parts
  4. Two actions after the cycle completes. I chose bark and sit

Motivated Sit (audio provided)


  • Film 2 reference videos of yourself sitting down (front and side)
  • Sit down needs a motivation (audio provided)
  • Final video must be 5 seconds or less

Reference Video of Me!


Life Drawing

3 Figures: Natural, Skeleton, Cartoon

This is an in-class assignment where you draw the figure as they are posed, and then draw a skeleton and cartoon character of yours in the same position.

This assignment is right after we get back from the break. I was super rusty since I did zero life drawing over the summer and could barely remember what the skeleton even looked like (sorry for the crumple!!!!).

sheridan animation life drawing 3 figures


Two Great Danes come in and we draw them in class!

sheridan animation life drawing dogs

Skeleton Sketches

Skeleton models are brought in and we have to draw them in class – one 5 minute sketch and a 20 minute sketch from a different angle. We then take the 20 minute sketch home and research and draw one muscle in place on the skeleton.

Royal Winter Fair

  • 3 pages of quick sketches of quadrupeds (1-3 minutes)
  • 1-2 pages of studies of quadrupeds (10+ minutes)

Figures in Perspective

For homework we draw a simple scene of geometry in perspective on an 18x 24x poster. In class, the model poses in various positions, which we replicate in perspective within our scene.

sheridan animation life drawing

Life Drawing Portfolio

  • 2-3 1/2 minute sketches
  • 3 muscles sketches
  • 1 10 minute portrait
  • 3-4 5-10 minute sketches

Storyboarding Class

For this class, I won’t be posting all the assignments because one of them is the same every year and is very easy to copy. The other is a group project involving the whole class and I didn’t receive permission from everyone to post it 🙂

The project I can share is called The Tickle Monster. We are provided a full script as if working on a TV episode. We then have to design a Fun Pack (characters, location, props, etc.), then we create thumbnail sketches for the storyboard, rough boards, clean boards, and finally a leica reel using pre-recorded sound effects provided to us.

There is a lot of scrolling, but at the end, you can see a video with the whole thing 🙂

Fun Pack

Thumbnail Sketches (good luck interpreting them!)

Rough Storyboards (click the first image to flip through in sequence)

Clean Storyboards (click the first image to flip through in sequence)

Final Leica Reel with Sound Effects


That’s All!

That’s everything from Sheridan’s Animation Program Year 2 Semester 1. I hope you enjoyed my work and found this insightful 🙂

If you’d like to see my work from last year, here you go:

And, if you’d like, follow me on Instagram, I post more of my art there (plus I’m not as serious as I probably sound in this post).

That’s it! Now you’ve seen my entire Sheridan Animation Portfolio for Year 2 Semester 1.

How to Get into Sheridan’s Animation Program

If you’re interested in applying to Sheridan’s Animation Program, click here to see my accepted entrance portfolio and my best advice on how to get in.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. You can get in touch with me at

Thanks for reading!


Love Animation Podcasts?

If so, I also run a podcast where I interview some ultra rad animation people like Disney Director John Musker (Moana, Little Mermaid, Aladdin), South Park Producer Ryan Quincy, Cuphead Animator Tina Nawrocki, and many others on how they got into the industry and worked their way up.

You can find the podcast here: Animation Industry Podcast.

And that’s all for now.

Okay bye!

2 thoughts on “Sheridan Animation Year 2 Semester 1

  1. Stumbling onto here by the portfolio advice article, I just read through all the course log you posted so far.

    I admire the proactivity involved in your stretch of the scope of each project (for example, your decision to explore more expressive walking cycles, your attempt to finish the rough animation of the fox’s comedic tragedy of egg theft, your colorization of walk take run). It must have brought you bonus insights and fostered your growth.

    I found your use of simple shapes in character design (since your entry portfolio) an intriguing characteristic feature. Since you were presenting your interests in stop-motion then, and chose the specialization of it now, I wonder if it is a stylistic transference from kneading to drawing. It is especially satisfying when you contrasted concise characters against painstakingly constructed complex structure, and meticulously-drawn, vast backgrounds (e.g. your bird-eye-view digital painting of the flying ship and boats’ voyage over a port town).

    It seems to me that you have loads of ideas, waiting to burst out under your pen tip. So much do I wonder, how and where do you amass or spawn them? Visual-wise, I understand the importance of visual library expansion, but I also am uncertain as to what are good ways to do it… I wonder if you have any suggestions.

    Again, thank you for shining a light on the program’s course projects and learning goals. It is very informative and helpful for aspiring students (one like me)! Hope you could keep on doing so!


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