Your Extremely Cute Stop Motion Production Starts Here

Looking to produce your next project in stop motion animation?

Terry Ibele is an award-winning stop motion animator in Toronto, Canada. He’s produced and animated for television, short film, and digital media. He specializes in taking ideas from concept to completion – including design work, storyboarding, puppet/set fabrication, animation, and editing.

stop motion canada

Check out some of Terry’s work and the services he offers.

Storyboarding to Final Animation

Aiken Drum – Broadcast Television

Character Design to Final Animation

Why Evergreens Are Always Green – Broadcast Television

Stop Motion & 2D Mix

toronto stop motion animation production

Dig! Dig! Dig! – Digital Media

toronto stop motion animation production

The Strange Ride – Broadcast Television

Rig Removal & Editing

Mouse Jump! – Digital Media

Puppet Fabrication

Charles the Horse – Television Pitch Materials

Discuss Your Next Stop Motion Project with Terry

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