Animation Industry Podcast

Animation Industry Podcast

Welcome to AIP, the Animation Industry Podcast!

Here you’ll find interviews from today’s top leaders in the animation industry with topics like:

  • The best way to pitch a show
  • How to successfully market your work online
  • What kind of skills will land you your dream job
  • and more!

Why am I running this podcast?

My name is Terry, and I’m a Sheridan College Animation Student. I’m soaking up as much knowledge about the animation industry as I can and sharing what I learn along the way.


Episode 1: Brett Jubinville On How to Create Your Own Show

This episode features Brett Jubinville, creator of Super Science Friends, on how to create your own show. You’ll also learn:

  • The process Super Science Friends went through from concept to production
  • The three most important skills you need to be hired at a small animation studio
  • The ins and outs of pitching a show to Netflix

Learn more about Super Science Friends:

Episode 2: Fred Seibert on How to Pitch a Show

This episode features Fred Seibert, founder of Frederator Studios, on how to create your own show. You’ll also learn:

  • The number one thing that makes a successful creator and a successful pitch
  • The top three skills show creators need to have
  • The biggest myth that everyone believes about pitching a show

Learn more about Frederator Studios:

Episode 3: Ryan Quincy On Creating and Running Successful Animation Television Shows

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Emmy award winning South Park producer Ryan Quincy on how to create and run a successful animated television show.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Ryan began his career without going to animation school
  • The biggest mistake creators make when pitching shows to networks
  • The number one thing students need to focus on to become a successful producer or show creator

Get in touch with Ryan at, or follow him on instagram at

Watch 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park (2011) here.

Episode 4: Dodge Greenley On How To Become A Super Rad Storyboard Artist

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Cartoon Network’s Dodge Greenley on how to become a super rad storyboard artist.

You’ll also learn:

  • The number one skill every storyboard artist needs to climb the ranks
  • How to board the 3-act story formula every TV episode goes through
  • What to show in your portfolio when applying to storyboard artist jobs

Get in touch with Dodge and see his ridiculous comics on his Instagram.

Episode 5: Colin Jack on How to Become a Story Artist at DreamWorks Animation

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features DreamWorks Animation’s Colin Jack on what it takes to become a story artist on feature-length films.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to stay competitive in an ever-changing industry
  • Three practical tips to make connections with industry professionals
  • What impact Instagram followers have on your professional career

Get in touch with Colin through his Instagram.

Episode 6: Lawrence Hugh Burns on What It Takes To Do Freelance And Professional Illustration

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Lawrence Hugh Burns on what it takes to do freelance and professional illustration.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Lawrence went from mowing lawns to becoming a professional illustrator
  • Two tips on how to price freelance work
  • The top three skills every professional illustrator needs

Get in touch with Lawrence through his Instagram or his website.

Episode 7: Ronald Stanage on How to Break into the Animation Industry and Make Fart Jokes for Kids

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Cartoon Network’s Ronald Stanage on how to break into the animation industry and make fart jokes for kids.

You’ll also learn:

  • The one thing Ron did every day (for five years!) that landed him his role at Cartoon Network
  • The pros and cons of developing a wide range of skills vs mastering one skill over time
  • The most exciting and monotonous parts of being a storyboard artist

Ron Stanage is a 1000 year old arch wizard trapped in a 20-something year old body. When he’s not trying to break the curse and finally lay his ancient soul to rest, he spends his days storyboarding for television and drawing weird sci-fi junk.

Get in touch with Ron through his Instagram.

Watch Ron’s short, Tennis the Good Boy on YouTube.