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Here you’ll find weekly interviews from today’s leaders in animation with topics like:

  • The best way to pitch a show
  • How to market your work online
  • What kind of skills you need to land your dream job in storyboarding, visual development, character design, and more!

My name is Terry, and I’m a Stop Motion Animator. I’m soaking up as much knowledge about the animation industry as I can and sharing what I learn along the way.

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Episode 210: Shape Island Stop Motion Animator Brett Long

This chat features veteran stop motion animator, Brett Long. During his career, he’s worked on quite a few shows including M.O.D.O.K., Robot Chicken, Crossing Swords, Rick & Steve the Happiest Gay Couple in All the World, and most recently, Shape Island. In their talk, Long shares how he transitioned from Canada to the USA in pursuit of a stop motion career and everything he’s learned along the way.

Tune in to Ibele and Long to hear:

  • How Long got a visa to work in the USA
  • Long’s number one tip for excelling at stop motion animation
  • How much school helped (or didn’t help) with Long’s stop motion career


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Community Highlight:

  • Check out Aalasteir’s royalty free music
  • Check out Aalasteir’s podcast

Episode 209: Adam Fuchs And His New Animation App Called PX12

This chat features Adam Fuchs, an Animation Director at Adult Swim & Cartoon Network, who shares how his love for animating indie music videos led to developing an animation app called PX12. If you’re wondering what it takes to develop your own app, Fuchs dives into how he found and teamed up with a developer, the type of investment it took to build, and what he’s learned about marketing it on the App Store.

Tune in to Ibele and Fuchs to hear:

  • Two need-to-know animation tips Fuchs learned from Richard Williams himself
  • What makes PX12 different from other animation apps
  • How to get indie music video clients for your animations

Episode 208: How Jake Friedman Became Friends With Art Babbitt’s Wife When Writing The Disney Revolt

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This chat features a special guest who gives a little bit of a history lesson behind Disney’s unionization. He is a New York-based writer, artist, and current animation history professor at the Rhode Island School of Design. His name is Jake Friedman and he’s lately added published novelist to his resume with his book, The Disney Revolt: The Great Labor War of Animation’s Golden Age. In the chat he shares how he ended up befriending Art Babbitt’s late wife who gave him access to the animator’s personal files, diary, original animations, court cases, and everything else he had kept.

Tune in to Ibele and Friedman to hear:

  • Why an old professor inspired him to write The Disney Revolt
  • Exclusive tidbits from the NLRB vs. Disney court case
  • Why Babbitt decided to quit Disney after forcing them to rehire him

Episode 207: How Tina Nawrocki Is Helping Keep Hand-Drawn Animation Alive With a Film About Mermaids

This chat features 2D animator, Tina Nawrocki, who shares how she’s helping keep hand-drawn animation alive with her short film in production, Syrenka: Legend of the Warsaw Mermaid. This is actually the second time Nawrocki has been on this podcast, first appearing in episode 27 where she shared how she became one of the original animators on the Cuphead video game. Now she’s back to share some behind-the-scenes of her production and the wonderful team of women she’s built to work on it.

Tune in to Ibele and Nawrocki to hear:

  • Nawrocki’s entire process of creating a hand-drawn film from scratch
  • What finally made Nawrocki ready to create her own work after 16 years in the industry.
  • How a simple call from Nawrocki’s mother landed her the vocalist of her dreams

Episode 206: Art Director Matt Haworth And The Animation Industry In New Zealand

This chat is with Matt Haworth, an Art Director and Background Supervisor at Mukpuddy, an animation studio based in Auckland New Zealand. In our chat he’s going to share how difficult it was to build an animation career in New Zealand when there weren’t any steady long-term gigs going around. He’s also going to dive into what it was like helping build MukPuddy from a super tight-knit team into a growing studio of over 50 – and what kind of projects led to that growth.

Tune in to Ibele and Haworth to hear:

  • The animation day-job Haworth invented for himself when there wasn’t any work
  • The crazy coincidence that led to Mukpuddy optioning an exclusive IP from Ireland
  • How many of Haworth’s graduating class still work in animation in New Zealand

Episode 205: How Anik Rosenblum Started Dancing Line Productions In Vancouver

This chat features Vancouver-based 2D Animation Director, Anik Rosenblum. Over the years Rosenblum has won many awards for his commercial work with brands like General Motors, Tim Hortons, Pfizer, and more. In their chat, Rosenblum shares his journey from Lithuania to Israel and finally Vancouver in pursuit of an artistic career.

Tune in to Ibele and Rosenblum to hear: 

  • How Rosenblum founded his own animation studio
  • Rosenblum’s number one piece of advice for clients looking for commercial animation
  • What 10 years’ experience working on TV shows taught Rosenblum before starting his studio
  • Check out Dancing Line Productions’ website
  • Follow Dancing Line Productions on Instagram

Episode 204: How Margherita Premuroso Became A Creative Director in Italy

This chat features Italian Creative Director, and Animator, Margherita Premuroso, who’s worked in nearly every animation medium – CG, stop motion, 2D, rotoscope, hand-drawn, and more. She shares how she started her own animation studio in Italy before becoming a creative director for Elastic in the United States. Her work has included the title sequence for Amend, animation for NARAKA: BLADE POINT, as well as a number of short films including Ecce, and Four. She also dives into the kind of lifestyle it takes to be a freelance animator in Italy working for companies in the United States while also producing her own work.

Tune in to Ibele and Premuroso to hear:

  • How Premuroso entered the US industry without knowing a word of English
  • What the animation industry is like in Italy
  • How Premuroso has made so many animated personal projects

Episode 203: How David Daniels Created Strata Cut Stop Motion Animation

This chat features the creator of strata cut stop motion animation, David Daniels, who shares everything you ever wanted to know about the art form. Daniels is also a director, filmmaker, and the co-founder of Portland-based Bent Image Lab studio. Over the years Daniels has made strata cut animations for clients like Pee-wee’s Playhouse, Sesame Street, and MTV.

Tune in to Ibele and Daniels to hear:

  • How to make your own strata cut animations
  • Who’s willing to pay for strata cut animations
  • How strata cut will live on as a unique animation form into the future.

Episode 202: Cameron Sladyen Explains How To Get Into MOA & Scientific Animation

This chat features Cameron Slayden, the CEO at Microverse Studios, a mechanism of action (MOA) animation producer, and Clinical Assistant Professor at UIC. What makes this chat interesting is that Slayden is in the field of medical and scientific animation – a very niche field that you need a degree in scientific illustration for. In their chat, Slayden shares how he got into this field, started his own company, and even how he’s using AI tools to help create visuals for microscopic function animations.

Tune in to Ibele and Slayden to hear:

  • How to gain animation work in the scientific field
  • Why companies actually seek to pay top dollar for scientific animation
  • How competitive the marketplace is for scientific animation studios

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Episode 201: Annie Wong’s Freelance Stop Motion Career

This chat features freelance stop motion artist, sculptor, and educator, Annie Wong who goes by the online persona of Headexplodie. She shares how she’s developed her unique style which brands absolutely love – that’s why she’s been able to work with clients like Vans, Giphy, and Adult Swim. She was also a contestant on the HBO reality show Craftopia.

Tune in to Ibele and Wong to hear:

  • The activity Wong does during downtimes that gets her future work
  • How teaching animation changed her career goals
  • What it’s like running your own art business

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