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Welcome to the first 100 episodes of the Animation Industry Podcast!

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About The Animation Industry Podcast

I started The Animation Industry Podcast in 2018.

I had just been accepted into Sheridan College to study animation, but I wanted to fast-track my career by making industry connections right away.

However, besides my school acceptance portfolio, I had no work to show, which made me feel self conscious about talking to industry professionals – What would I say? What would I show them?

A friend of mine encouraged me to make connections by starting a podcast. He texted me this while I was attending the TAAFI conference. I was ready to take a risk, so I walked up to Fred Seibert after his keynote speach and I asked him if he’d like to be a guest on my new podcast. He said yes and the rest is history.

Since then I’ve run the podcast (almost) every week and am well past 100 episodes.

What benefits has this podcast given me?

  • I know people at every major studio in North America and even across the globe
  • Guests have hooked me up with impossible-to-get connections, allowing me to pitch to broadcasters like HBO, Netflix, Disney, and Cartoon Network
  • Top animators in the field have given me 1×1 critique of my work
  • Guests have coached me on getting client work, negotiating terms, and putting myself in opportunity’s way, which has directly led to jobs
  • I’ve gained so much self confidence in my own career journey and know this is the right path for me
  • I’ve made many lasting friendships
  • Many people have emailed to say how certain episodes changed their career outlook, or taught them something new, and that feels amazing!

Here are the First 100 Episodes:

Episode 100: Terry Ibele’s Journey From Business To Stop Motion & Starting This Podcast

This episode features stop motion animator Terry Ibele (the host of this podcast!) who shares his journey from a career in business to starting fresh in the animation world. He gives his best advice on how he got into animation school, started a podcast, and is developing a kid’s show based on a short film he created in 2019.

You’ll also learn:

  • What he did to get into Sheridan’s Animation Program
  • How he gets top industry guests to come on his podcast
  • His counterintuitive advice on putting together a pitch bible and pitching a show to success

Episode 99: Matt Fernandes Shares How He Created ‘Dino Ranch’ From Sketch To Greenlight

This episode features Matthew Fernandes, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Industrial Brothers studio in Toronto. In our chat, Matthew shares how he created his show Dino Ranch from sketch to greenlight and everything in between.

You’ll also learn:

  • How a chance encounter on a bus led to Industrial Brothers’ creation
  • The typical funding mix televisions shows require
  • How to sell a show to a broadcaster

Check out Matthew’s work at

Episode 98: Nico Colaleo’s Journey To Becoming An Animation Editor & Creating Ollie & Scoops

This episode features Nico Colaleo who shares the ins and outs of what an editor for animation does. He also reveals how he started his own indie show, Ollie & Scoops, and the resources it takes to pump out an episode each month.

You’ll also learn:

  • How much each episode of Ollie & Scoops costs to make
  • The #1 skill you need to be successful at editing
  • The daily life of an animation editor

Episode 97: Disney TV Animation Storyboard Artist Lila Martinez’s Journey From Mexico To The US

This episode features Lila Martinez, a storyboard artist working at Disney Television Animation. In our chat, Lila shares her journey from Mexico to storyboarding on some of the biggest shows on television including The Simpsons and American Dad.

You’ll also learn:

  • The mentality she uses to accomplish her goals
  • The differences between boarding for TV vs Feature and Children’s vs Adult
  • How to make your storyboard tests stand out
  • Follow Lila’s work on her website

Episode 96: Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu And Joe Wilson Share Their Journey To Create Kapaemahu

This episode features filmmakers Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu and Joe Wilson who created the film Kapaemahu. Kapaemahu shares the story of the healing power of four mysterious stones found on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii – and the legendary dual male and female spirits within them.

You’ll also learn:

  • How they uncovered the story of the healing stones on Waikiki beach
  • How to find funding to create culturally significant films
  • The impact Joe and Hina hope the film has

Episode 95: Clyde Henry Productions Talk About Animation, Storytelling, Puppets, and Snails

This episode features Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski of Clyde Henry Productions who share their experiences creating animation, puppet, and live action films over the last decade. Some of their notable works include Madame Tutli-Putli and Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More to Life, both co-produced with the National Film Board of Canada.

You’ll also learn:

  • How not limiting their storytelling to animated film has opened them up to fantastic opportunities including creating strange hats for Cirque du Soliel
  • How they’ve operated as an independent studio for the last decade
  • Their upcoming film with the NFB
  • Follow Clyde Henry Productions on Instagram

Episode 94: How Henry Bonsu Successfully Pitched Lazor Wulf To Adult Swim

This episode features Henry Bonsu, creator of Adult Swim’s Lazor Wulf. In our chat, Henry reveals the rollercoaster journey he went through to get the show produced: from its humble beginnings as a tumblr webcomic back in 2013, to pitching Adult Swim, all the way to honing the show’s unique style for season two.

You’ll also learn:

  • The original pitch that sold the show
  • The story engine that keeps Lazor Wulf fresh
  • The goal Henry pursued that led to Adult Swim renewing Lazor Wulf for a second season

Episode 93: N/A

Episode 92: Skylar Zerr’s Top Tips To Become A 3D Animation Director

This episode features Skylar Zerr, 3D Animation Director at Arcana Studio in Vancouver, who shares the skills he worked on that took him from animation graduate to animation director.

You’ll also learn:

  • The number one thing that makes someone an absolutely invaluable candidate during the hiring process
  • The spark that got Skylar back into animation after a two year hiatus
  • The hardest thing Skylar had to learn in order to level up his career
  • Check out Skylar’s website:

Episode 91: Arcana Founder Sean O’Reilly Reveals How He Built A 3D Feature Film Studio From Scratch

This episode features Vancouver-based Arcana Entertainment and Animation Studio Founder and CEO Sean O’Reilly. Sean originally began his journey into animation by travelling to comic book conventions in an attempt to get his independent comic book sold. That experience led him to create a comic book company, Arcana, which now boasts over 300 titles and over 5,000 unique characters. From there, Arcana spanned into 3D animation and has since produced a number of features, television series, and short films.

You’ll also learn:

  • The unique pipeline Arcana has built
  • How Sean evaluates business decisions to mitigate risk
  • Arcana’s hiring process for 3D animators

Episode 90: Interview With Daniel Virgüez On His PhD In International Stop Motion Co-Production

This episode features stop motion animator Daniel Virgüez who shares his current PhD studies in International Stop Motion Co-production and how studios from different countries can collaborate efficiently. Besides his PhD work, Daniel is a professional stop motion animator working on the show “Kiwi” from XBO Films, plus he runs the Guayabo Colectivo artist association.

He also shares:

  • His journey from Columbia to France
  • Highlights of his professional experience working in TV
  • Details of an app he’s creating to connect stop motion professionals around the world



HUE HD offers an all-in-one starter kit for kids around 7 to 13 years old when it come to animation. Their kit creates an easy and fun way to learn key animation techniques including claymation, lip-synching and rotoscoping. 

The kit includes a colourful HUE HD camera, with a bendy gooseneck, built-in microphone and manual focus. It also includes their easy-to-use animation software has great features such as onion skinning and time lapse, and kids can record their own voices to bring their animations to life. On top of this is the HUE Book of Animation, which takes you step-by-step through how to create your own stop-motion videos and learn the principles of animation like squash and stretch. Plus, you can download free sound effects, a storyboard template and backgrounds to give your videos added magic! 

HUE’s kits, cameras, book, and resources are available from their website and Amazon.


The package includes a Storyboard template, a sample background for your next claymation, a short instructional video on how to squash and stretch a simple character with clay, and even a super cute printable phenakistoscope of a rat going into a hole.

Episode 89: Colette Peri’s Top Tips On Starting and Managing Your Own Stop Motion Animation Business

This episode features Stop Motion Animator Coco Peri on how she began and manages her own stop motion animation business.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Coco deals with anxiety as an artist
  • How to know what to charge for your services
  • The (unexpected) number one way to push your business to the next level

Episode 88: Flora Martyr Shares Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About Rotoscoping

This episode features UK-based independent rotoscoper Flora Martyr who shares her process to create pristine rotoscope animations.

You’ll also learn:

  • What type of stories are best told through rotoscoping vs other forms of animation
  • How large the market is for rotoscoped animation
  • 3 of the best rotoscoped animations to take inspiration from

Check out Flora’s work at:

Check out these 3 inspirational rotoscoped films:

Episode 87: Everything You Wanted To Know About Animation Wild Card And The People Behind It

This episode features the co-creators of Animation Wild Card: Casey Follen, Alexis Deprey, and Cami Kwan. Animation Wild Card is a community of animation professionals coming together to highlight and share original work from the artists in the animation industry. The co-creators share how the project came to be, how animators can get involved, and the resources they’re creating to close gaps in the industry.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Animation Wild Card is knocking down barriers to entry in animation
  • How those from small-towns can get involved in the larger stop motion community
  • The top three skills to develop right now to start your career in stop motion

Casey Follen
Casey is a production manager and assistant director specializing in stop motion animation. Her freelance brand is Catalyst Castle Studios, which also specializes in stop motion as well as sculptural illustration. She is passionate about bringing creative people together and helping them achieve their goals.

Alexis Deprey
Alexis is a freelance Production Designer and Art Director specializing in stop motion animation. She is also the Co-Owner/Co-Creative Director of Threadwood with her husband Scott DaRos. Casey loves color design, visual storytelling and illustrative work – it completely influences how she develops ideas and techniques for stop motion animation.

Cami Kwan
Cami Kwan is a Creative Producer and partner at Apartment D. She is passionate about creating children’s media that is both artistically and philosophically elevated. She is also passionate about pushing the boundaries of what can be considered possible in stop motion animation, and expanding the popular perception of stop motion animation.

Episode 86: Blizzard Senior Character Animator Peter Starostin Shares How To Excel In CG

This episode features Senior Character Animator at Blizzard Entertainment, Peter Starostin, who shares his top tips on how to excel in CG. Throughout his career, Peter has worked on the cinematics for games like Halo, Starcraft, Warcraft, Overwatch, and Diablo.

You’ll also learn:

  • 3 ways to improve your body mechanics
  • The number one things Peter does to up his game
  • What you need to include in your portfolio to get noticed

Episode 85: Co-Creators Of Adult Swim’s Tigtone Share The Epic 15-Year Journey It Took To Get On TV

This episode features co-creators Andrew Koehler and Benjamin Martian of Adult Swim’s Tigtone. They discuss the origins of the show, the 15-year journey it took to get on television, and the most ridiculous joke they put into Season 2 (which just premiered on Adult Swim).

You’ll also learn:

  • The unconventional way Tigtone is animated using live-action faces
  • The underlying motive Benjamin and Andrew had to pursue Tigtone for so long
  • Their number one piece of advice for aspiring series creators

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This episode is sponsored by Bloop Animation, which is an animation learning platform packed with premium online video courses for aspiring animation filmmakers.

They have courses for all major animation programs like Maya, Animate CC, Toon Boom, Blender, TVPaint, and many others, as well as some non-software courses like a storyboarding course, Animation foundations course, and even one about making graphic novels, which covers absolutely everything you need to know from start to finish.

The courses are all in video-form, so there’s no deadlines or application process, you simply pick a course and start learning in seconds.

In fact, they just released a brand new course with over 5 hours and 38 video lessons teaching how to animate Moho. Moho, formerly known as Anime Studio, is a 2D animation software that’s main selling point is its ability to easily build and animate with rigged puppet characters. It’s balance of ease of use and powerful features makes it a popular option for hobbyists, and while it’s not an industry standard yet, it has been used on some major productions such as the Oscar nominated feature films Song of the Sea, and The Breadwinner.

Episode 84: Character Designer Olivia Amoah’s Detailed Journey From School To Looney Tunes

This episode features Warner Brothers Character Designer Olivia Amoah, who walks through her career journey from animation student, to intern, to first full-time contract, to how she was hired to work on Looney Tunes.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why the hiring manager put her on Looney Tunes when she applied for a totally different position
  • The rollercoaster journey she went on straight out of school
  • Olivia’s plans to start her own animation/art business on the side

Episode 83: Producer Arnie Leibovit & The History Of George Pal’s Puppetoons + Puppetoon Movie V2

This episode features Producer Arnold Leibovit who shares the history of George Pal’s influential stop motion work with the Puppetoons. Arnold is also releasing a compilation of Puppetoon films not seen since they were originally in cinemas in the 1940s.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Goerge Pal single-handedly carved out a niche for stop motion animated films to compete with Disney and Fleischer studios in the 40s.
  • The meticulous process a Puppetoon production went through to produce one second of animation
  • The extreme lengths Arnold went through to get some of the original negatives for The Puppetoons Movie Volume 2

Episode 82: Maddi Patton Shares How She Funded And Produced The Viral Webseries My Pride

This episode features Maddi Patton, a Screenwriter, YouTuber, and self-taught Animator, who shares how she mustered a team of 30 to produce her original web-series My Pride, which has over five million views on YouTube.

You’ll also learn:

  • Where she got funding to produce an entire season of My Pride
  • How it really feels to be producing and animating your own show
  • Some really strange facts about lions that you 99% chance haven’t heard of before

Episode 81: Aaron Long’s Journey from Student to Director of BoJack Horseman

This episode features Aaron Long, BoJack Horseman Director and current Supervising Director on Netflix’s Tuca and Bertie. He shares how he got his first job animating on TripTank fresh out of Max the Mutt Animation School in Toronto, and worked his way up to Director on BoJack.

You’ll also learn:

  • The number one skill Aaron worked the hardest at to get where he is now
  • The ins and outs of producing and animating his independent series Sublo and Tangy Mustard
  • The biggest piece of advice that Aaron followed throughout his journey

Episode 80: Kat Alioshin’s Journey in Producing Some of the Biggest Stop Mo Films of All Time

This episode features the talented producer Kat Alioshin, who’s career has focused on bringing stop motion projects to life. She’s worked on Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Monkey Bone to name a few. In this chat Kat shares her career journey, as well as the number one way she’s made connections pay off over the years.

You’ll also learn:

  • The surprising differences between producing Commercial, TV, and Feature film projects
  • The reason she focuses on bringing stop motion projects to life
  • A behind-the-scenes look at her upcoming independent feature film, The Inventor

Episode 79: David Rocco Facchini On How To Follow A Career In Storytelling (and Stop Motion Too)

This episode features storyteller, stop motion animator, and Founder of #MoStopMo, David Rocco Facchini, who shares how to pursue a career in narrative projects.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to take control of your neanderthal brain to tell more captivating stories
  • The secret to bringing attention to your narrative projects
  • How to get involved in the #MoStopMo stop motion mentorship program

Episode 78: Voice Actor Todd Manojlovic On Getting Into Character For YOLO Crystal Fantasy

This episode features Australian Voice Actor Todd Manojlovic from Adult Swim’s new series, YOLO: Crystal Fantasy. Todd shares the method he took to nail his parts, and his best advice for others looking to pursue voice acting for animation.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Adult Swim turned an indie YouTube video into the YOLO: Crystal Fantasy series
  • The surprising amount of hours that go into voice acting an 11-minute episode
  • How to get into the right mental state to ad-lib lines and make them sound natural

Episode 77: How Ian Boone Got Two Internships At Laika & Worked On Tumble Leaf

This chat features stop motion animator Ian Boone, who shares the story of how he got an internship at Laika, twice, and then got to work on Amazon Prime’s Tumble Leaf.

He also shares:

  • Tips to animate what a character is thinking
  • A simple switch in mindset that will improve your animation performance 10x
  • The simple trick that will get you animating twice as fast

Episode 76: Adult Swim’s Matt Maiellaro & Mary Spender Share Behind-The-Scenes Of 12 Oz. Mouse

This chat features Adult Swim’s Matt Maiellaro, creator of 12 Oz. Mouse, and Mary Spender, voice actor of Aria from 12 Oz. Mouse. They share the story of how the cult classic came to be.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why Adult Swim brought back 12 Oz. Mouse after a 14 year hiatus
  • How Matt responds to criticism for following unconventional animation and storytelling techniques
  • What Mary did to get “discovered” off YouTube

Episode 75: Matthew Senreich On How He Made Robot Chicken One Of The Longest Running Animated Shows

This episode features the multiple Primetime Emmy and Annie award-winning director, producer, and co-creator of Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken: Matthew Senriech. He shares the reason behind why Robot Chicken has become one of the longest-running animated shows on air.

You’ll also learn:

  • The story of how Matthew sold Robot Chicken to Adult Swim
  • The number one thing Matthew wishes someone said to him earlier in his career
  • The most practical way to push your ideas out into the world

Episode 74: Spike & Kat Share Animation Outlaws: The History Of The Spike & Mike Animation Festival

This episode features Spike Decker and Kat Alioshin who share a behind the scenes look into their documentary, Animation Outlaws, which covers the rise of the Spike and Mike Animation Festival.

You’ll also learn:

  • The guerrilla marketing tactics that had people pouring into theatres
  • How Spike gave a start to today’s animation bigshots including Tim Burton and Nick Park
  • What risks animators can take to get noticed in today’s marketplace
  • Watch Animation Outlaws here
  • Get in touch with Spike and Kat here

Episode 73: Animator Christian Lie On How He Gets Millions Of Views On YouTube

This episode features animator Christian Lie on how he found success on YouTube and decided to change the trajectory of his career towards animation.
He also shares:
  • His personal study schedule as he learns the principles of animation
  • The formula he uses to get views on YouTube
  • How he got his start by sharing rock music history through video essays

Episode 72: Development Exec Dave Padbury Shares How Pitches Are Turned Into New Shows

This episode features Development Executive Dave Padbury who shares a behind-the-scenes look at what happens to your pitch after you leave the room.

You’ll also learn:

  • The #1 thing studios look for new creators to bring to the table
  • The do’s and don’ts of pitching to executives
  • How to build an enticing story engine

Episode 71: Aaron Hazouri Shares The Tough Reality Of Pursuing Storyboard Artist Work In LA

This episode features story artist and illustrator Aaron Hazouri who sheds light into the harsh reality of pursuing work as a storyboard artist in LA.

You’ll also learn:

  • How much networking really matters in landing a job
  • What studios will never tell you about their job postings
  • The real reason he stopped pursuing storyboard work in LA

Episode 70: How Stop Motion Animator Anthony Scott Got To Work On The Nightmare Before Christmas

This episode features legendary stop motion animator Anthony Scott who shares how he made a career out of the wonderful world of stop motion animation.

You’ll also learn:

  • How he went from being a janitor to animating Jack Skellington on The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • The old-school tool Anthony still uses that trumps all of today’s stop mo tech
  • The best path new animators can take to get into today’s core group of stop motion professionals

Episode 69: How Jackie Davis Quit Her Job to Make Webcomics For A Living (Underpants & Overbites)

This episode features Jackie Davis, the webcomic artist behind Underpants and Overbites. In our chat she shares how she figured out how to make a sustainable income off webcomics.

You’ll also learn:

  • The not-so-talked about details of what quitting your job to pursue your passion is actually like
  • How Jackie deals with self-doubt
  • How Jackie smashed the perfectionist attitude while still making great art

Episode 68: Lauren Orme On How She Started The Cardiff Animation Festival

This episode features Lauren Orme, an animator and studio owner based in Cardiff, South Whales. She shares the story of how she started running Cardiff Animation Nights in 2014, which evolved into the Cardiff Animation Festival.

You’ll also learn:

  • How the festival evolved during the 2020 pandemic
  • The steps to start an animation festival from the ground up in your hometown
  • How she’s learned to pick films that will draw in paying audiences

Cardiff Animation Festival:

Cardiff Animation Nights:


Lauren’s Social Media:

Episode 67: Liam Gilbey On How To Start An Animation Studio With Your Classmates Right Out Of School

This episode features animator and studio co-founder Liam Gilbey who shares what it took to create a studio with his classmates right out of school.

You’ll also learn:

  • How the studio got their first client (and continues to do so)
  • How operations and finances are run
  • How animation students can start their own successful studio out of school too

Animation Industry Podcast · Episode 67: Liam Gilbey On How To Start An Animation Studio With Your Classmates Right Out Of School

  • Follow Liam’s studio, Cut the Mustard on Instagram
  • Check out Cut the Mustard’s website
  • Companies House where all UK businesses have addresses registered

Episode 66: Adam Ciolfi On How To Become An Award – Winning Independent Filmmaker (with Stop Motion)

This episode features Adam Ciolfi, a multiple award-winning stop motion animator who shares how to become successful as an independent filmmaker.

You’ll also learn:

  • The reason Adam left the professional animation industry
  • How Adam’s created a life that sustains his independent filmmaking
  • What he’s learned from attending festivals all over the word

Episode 65: Director JJ Villard On How He Created JJ Villard’s FairyTales For Adult Swim

This episode features director JJ Villard who shares what it took to create his recent show JJ Villard’s Fairytales for Adult Swim.

You’ll also learn:

  • The reason behind why JJ quit DreamWorks
  • JJ’s approach to pushing his animation career to new heights
  • A full behind-the-scenes look of what it took to produce JJ Villard’s Fairytales

Episode 64: Director Cat Solen With Behind The Scenes Of Adult Swim’s The Shivering Truth Season 2

This episode features director and producer of Adult Swim’s The Shivering Truth, Cat Solen. She shares how her career led up to directing The Shivering Truth, and a unique behind-the-scenes of how each episode was created.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Cat launched her career right out of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • The top three things that have honed her directing skills
  • Her best advice for someone else who wants to follow a similar path

Learn more about this podcast:

Episode 63: Director Mike Owens and How He Created Danger & Eggs for Amazon Prime

This episode features director and creator of Danger & Eggs, Mike Owens, who shares the journey of creating his own show.

You’ll also learn:

  • How he became the lead animator on Animaniacs right out of college
  • His top tips for collaborating with a big team around the world
  • The real reason he decided to create his own studio
  • Reach out to Mike by email: mike [at]
  • Check out Mike’s Animation Mentorship Nonprofit:

Episode 62: Stop Motion Director Jamie Caliri and How He Created Dragonframe With His Brother

This episode features Director Jamie Caliri, who shares how he created Dragonframe Stop Motion Software.

You’ll also learn:

  • Insights into Jamie’s career as a music video director
  • How he and his brother manage to stay ahead of the curve with Dragonframe
  • His best advice for following your dreams

Episode 61: Animation Writer James Walsh & The Successful Story Formula For Animated Shows

This episode features James Walsh, a writer for children’s animated TV shows. James shares his journey into writing and how he landed a role on the smash hit Hey Dugee.

You’ll also learn:

  • 3 things that will help you develop judgment for writing
  • How to make yourself invaluable as a writer (it has nothing to do with writing)
  • The ultimate answer to what makes a good writer?

Episode 60: 3D Animator Gemal Plummer On What It Takes To Get Hired In CG

This episode features Toronto CG Animator Gemal Plummer who shares what it takes to get hired as a CG character animator.

You’ll also learn:
*3 super tips that will speed up your workflow
*An overview of which studios in Toronto work in CG
*Which non-animation activities can help you improve your animation

[Sonsored Message] This episode is sponsored by The Animation Box.

The Animation Box is an online learning platform specialized in teaching 3D Character Animation. They currently have a special deal on their Cartoon Mechanics Masterclass where you will learn step by step how to animate a cartoon-stylized shot from blocking to spline in Autodesk Maya.

The Masterclass is a 20+hr video course full of unique lectures, tips and tricks and workflow methods that are used in the feature film industry. You’ll also get access to unique Character Rigs for Maya that can be used to create your personal shots.

They also offer Mentorship training and more workshops are coming in the near future.

Episode 59: Stop Motion Animator Amber Padgett On How To Quit Your Job & Animate For A Living

This episode features Amber Padgett, a stop motion director, animator, and fabricator who shares how to quit your job and follow your ultimate dream.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Amber went from working at a grocery store to some of the top stop motion studios in the US
  • How to make uncomfortable comfortable to push yourself to new heights
  • How Amber carved out a niche for herself in outdoor stop motion

Episode 58: The Sketch Effect Founder William Warren Shares His Journey into B2B Animation

This episode features The Sketch Effect Founder William Warren, who shares what the B2B animation industry is like.

You’ll also learn:

  • The top 3 things that set you apart from other animation applicants
  • How The Sketch Effect grew without any traditional marketing
  • What skills you need to make it in the B2B animation side of things

Episode 57: Stop Motion Animator Adam Taylor On How To Get Hired For Stop Motion

This episode features Adam Taylor on how to get hired as a stop motion animator.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to become known for a specific animation technique
  • How to ensure you have a constant flow of gigs lined up
  • A list of all the stop motion studios in the USA

Episode 56: 2D Animator Josh Pinker On How Networking With Studios Actually Works

This episode features 2D animator Josh Pinker on how to network properly in the animation industry (so everyone knows who you are). He also shares how he developed his latest e-book Your Animated Journey, a self-help guide to getting hired and working your way up as an animator.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to use LinkedIn’s algorithm to get a job
  • The three not-so-talked about things that will get you hired (hint: they having nothing to do with your animation skills)
  • Why Canada is a better opportunity than the US if you want to be a 2D Animator

Episode 55: UK Stop Motion Animator Trevor Hardy On How He Directed The Feature Film “Strike”

This episode features Trevor Hardy, a Stop Motion Animator and Director from the UK. In this chat, he shares how he ended up directing the stop motion feature film Strike, and what it’s like to make a living in the industry.

You’ll also learn

  • What the stop motion industry is like in the UK (and it might surprise you)
  • What it really takes to pursue stop motion as a full-time career
  • The nitty-gritty details of how the feature film Strike was developed
  • Watch the trailer for Strike here
  • Check out Trevor’s studio here

Episode 54: Mathias Richard Horhager On How To Become a Kid’s TV Show Director

This episode features Filipino-Canadian Creator, Director, Writer and Filmmaker Mathias Richard Horhager on how to become a kid’s TV show director.

You’ll also learn

  • The secret ingredients to produce a hit episode
  • Which part of the show to spend the most time on as a director
  • How to create a mentality that always pushes you forward in your career

Episode 53: Blue Sky Senior Lighting TDs Michael & Jasmine On How To Become a CG Lighting Artist

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features two prominent Blue Sky Studios Lighting Artists – Jasmine Katatikarn and Michael Tanzillo – who also run the Academy of Animation Art. In this chat, they share how to become a CG lighting artist in today’s industry.

You’ll also learn:

  • What to include in your portfolio when applying for jobs
  • The simple goal that will light a scene well no matter what
  • The ins and outs of working as a CG lighting artist at a major studio

Episode 52: How Director Dave Thomas Carved out a Career in Stop Motion in Toronto

This episode features Dave Thomas, a Director, Creator, and Animator on how he carved out a path in stop motion in Toronto.

You’ll also learn:

  • The kind of ingenuity it takes to get paid for something you love to do
  • How to get studios to notice you when you’re just starting out
  • Why studios aren’t investing in stop motion and what it would take for them to do so

Episode 51 Animator Sylvie Trouvé How to Learn the Basics of Stop Motion with the See-Learn Academy

This episode features filmmaker and stop motion animator Sylvie Trouvé who shares what you can learn at the newly created See-Learn Online Stop Motion Academy.

  • What sort of materials you need to start animating right now
  • A full breakdown of the classes and the type of feedback you’ll get
  • You’ll also learn how Sylvie built a career in stop motion for herself

Episode 50: Studio Owner Katia Grifols On How To Create A Killer Animated TV Show Pitch Bible (Step By Step)

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Glow in the Dark Concept Studios Mastermind Katia Grifols who shares how to create a killer pitch bible from scratch.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to write believable flaws into characters
  • The number one question you’ll need to be prepared for in a pitch meeting
  • A rundown of all the animation conferences you can pitch at
  • Follow Glow in the Dark Concept Studios on Instagram
  • Visit Glow in the Dark Concept Studios’ Website
  • Check out Glow in the Dark Concept Studios on Patreon

Download Pitch Bible Basics (free): Pitch Bible Basics by Glow in the Dark Concept Studio

Episode 49: Mexican Animator Alan Castanos on What the Animation Industry Is Like in Mexico

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Alan Castanos, a Mexican 2D Freelance Animator, who shares his insights into the animation industry in Mexico.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to land gigs on the freelancing site Upwork
  • The top 3 things that will make your clients happy
  • How many projects you need to take on per year to realistically survive in freelance

Episode 48: Animator & Game Dev. Jess Stilwell on How to Start Developing an Indie Game

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features animator and game developer Jess Stilwell (who’s also a fellow classmate of mine at Sheridan College!), who shares her journey into indie game development.

You’ll also learn:

  • Three free software tools to start making your own indie game
  • How Jess is developing an audience for her game before it launches
  • Why you shouldn’t develop your “passion project” as your first game

Episode 47: Animator Joseph Karwal on How He Got Into Calarts and How to Thrive in the Program

This episode features Joseph Karwal, a fourth-year animation student at CalArts. He shares what he did to get accepted into the program, what it’s like, and the career opportunities it’s created for him.

You’ll also learn:

  • What kind of mentality you need to create an accepted portfolio
  • The nitty-gritty details of what the program actually teaches you
  • His top 5 tips for producing student films that get noticed

Episode 46: John Musker (Moana/Treasure Planet/Aladdin/Hercules/etc.) Shares How he Became a Director at Disney

This episode features Disney Director John Musker who’s known for Moana, Treasure Planet, The Princess and the Frog among other films. He shares how he got his start at Disney and worked his way up to become a director.

You’ll also learn:

  • John’s strategy for getting into Disney
  • A first-hand experience of what working at Disney was like during the 80s and 90s
  • John’s 9 pieces of advice for those pursuing animation

Episode 45: Animator Erik Goulet And How He Founded The First Stop Motion Film Festival In The World

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Stop Motion Animator and Professor, Erik Goulet who shares how he founded the first stop motion film festival in the world.

You’ll also learn:

  • What will make your stop motion film stand out (Erik has seen hundreds!)
  • A brief overview of what’s been fueling the stop motion industry these last few decades
  • Erik’s 3-phase master plan to build up the stop motion industry in Montreal

Episode 44: Founder Of Bloop Animation Morr Meroz On How To Make A Killer Short Animated Film

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Morr Meroz, the Founder of Bloop Animation, an online learning platform for aspiring animation filmmakers. Morr shares what he’s learned from producing three animated short films.

You’ll also learn:

  • Three surprising reasons your short film will flop
  • The stage you should spend 90% of your time in
  • The number one way to make sure your film is a success

Episode 43: Director Animator Jonni Phillips on Why She Creates the Films She Does and How

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Jonni Phillips, an independent filmmaker, animator, and cartoonist. She shares the nitty-gritty details of how she creates her absurdly wonderful, and absolutely unique mixed-media animation style.

You will also learn:

  • What CalArts’ Experimental Animation Program is like
  • How she developed Rachel and Her Grandfather Control the Island with Frederator Studios
  • How she made Wasteland and The Final Exit of the Disciples of Ascensia

Episode 42: Toronto Stop Motion Department Inc. Founders On How They Created The Studio From Scratch

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Toronto Stop Motion Department Inc. Founders Philip Eddolls and Evan DeRushie, and Production Manager Annick Counihan. They share how the studio came to be and how they’ve managed to grow the business over the last year.

You’ll also learn:

  • 3 opportunities you have to get into stop motion in Toronto right now
  • The most difficult part about starting a stop motion focused studio
  • What a budget break-down looks like for a stop motion project

Episode 41: Animator, Filmmaker & Sheridan Animation Coordinator Chris Walsh’s Journey Into Stop Mo

In this episode of the Animation Industry Podcast, Animator, Filmmaker, and Coordinator of Sheridan College’s Animation Program, Christopher Walsh shares his journey into stop motion animation.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Chris pitched and sold Moogaloops to Sesame Street
  • The top 3 things that make students at Sheridan successful animators when they graduate
  • How Chris wrote the ultimate guide on stop motion animation for beginners (and where to get it)

Episode 40: Sean Glaze on How to Get Paid to Make Ridiculous, Adult-Themed Shorts From Your Living Room

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Sean Glaze (otherwise known as Lord Spew on the internet). He shares how he lands gigs at Adult Swim, Cartuna, and more.

You’ll also learn:

  • How he ended up storyboarding on Teen Titan Go!
  • The 3 career benefits of developing your own style in your spare time
  • 5 ways to make your animations catch your audience off guard (in a good and bad way)

Episode 39: Castlevania 2D Animator Naseer Pasha on How to Pursue Your Dream Career No Matter What

In this episode Naseer Pasha, a Toronto-based 2D Animator shares what he did to break into 2D animation.

You’ll also learn:

  • What it was like working on Netflix’s Castlevania
  • How to understand your dollar-value as an animator (when taking on a new role or freelance)
  • A model for making the best choice when faced with tough decisions

Episode 38: Melbourne Illustrator/Animator Neil Sanders on How to Create Everyday & Where That Leads

This episode of the animation industry podcast features Neil Sanders, an Illustrator, Animator, Lecturer, and Honcho of LoopdeLoop. He shares how to create something everyday and where that can lead to in your career.

You will also learn:

  • What the animation market is like in Australia
  • Three benefits that come when you post every day
  • How to submit your short animated loop for LoopdeLoop’s bi-monthly animation challenge

Episode 37: Stop Motion Animator & Video Wizard Kevin Parry on Creating a Career from Social Media

In this episode, stop motion animator and video wizard Kevin Parry shares his journey from animating feature films at Laika to gaining over a million followers and developing a career out of social media.

You will also learn:

  • The specific things Kevin has done to gain over a million followers
  • An exclusive behind-the-scenes look of what it’s like animating at Laika
  • Kevin’s best advice for aspiring stop motion animators

Episode 36: Toronto Video Game Art Director John Little on How to Pursue a Career in Video Games

This episode features John Little, a seasoned Video Game Art Director based out of Toronto. In our chat he shares how he got into the scene, and his latest endeavor at a video game start up.

You’ll also learn:

  • The specific skills studios are looking for
  • How to ask for your first raise
  • The current state of the job market in video games (in Toronto)

Episode 35: Stop Motion Animator Colin Lepper on How the Storybots (JibJab & Netflix) Got Made

This episode features Colin Lepper, a stop motion animator who helped develop and animate the stop motion episodes of the Storybots (Jib Jab) on Netflix. He shares how he got into stop motion after graduating animation school, and the types of challenges small stop motion studios face.

You’ll also learn:

  • 5 safety tips most people don’t know about when working with hazardous stop motion materials (like resin)
  • 3 super time-saving tips when it comes to shooting stop motion videos
  • The attitude Colin has that’s helped him make life-altering decisions

Episode 34: Igloosoft Founder & RimWorld/Starbound Pixel Artist Rho On How To Get Into Indie Games

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Rho “Rhopunzel” Watson, the Founder of Igloosoft, the developer of Outworlder, and former Pixel Artist from RimWorld and Starbound. Rho shares their journey into indie game development and how to make the best pixel art.

You’ll also learn:

  • Rho’s top tips to get noticed as a pixel artist
  • Where to get really good reference for creating pixel art
  • The easiest and best way to get into the Indie Game Development scene
  • Which healthy habits will help you avoid burnout from art and animation

Episode 33: Instagram Famous Frantic Frames On How To Do 100 Stop Mo Posts In A Row No Matter What

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Ben Treat, otherwise known as Frantic Frames on Instagram. He shares how he challenged himself to create 100 stop motion posts over 100 days, and how he because sought after for branded sponsorships on Instagram.

You’ll also learn:

  • Ben’s top 5 hacks to animate with a budget of zero dollars
  • The surprising tactic Ben took to get his first sponsored post
  • How Ben intentionally grew his Instagram following.

Episode 32: Master Stop Mo Animator, Producer, & FX Artist Stephen Chiodo on How to Be Sought After

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Stephen Chiodo, who is one of the great masters of stop motion, puppetry, and special effects. He shares how he was able to carve out his career in stop motion specifically and become sought-after for his skills in animation, puppetry, and special effects.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to mentally position yourself so you’ll always be in-demand by studios
  • Important notes to make when negotiating a contract
  • How to gain connections at the top studios
  • What is was like working with Tim Burton on Vincent

Episode 31: Adventure Time Character Designer & Amphibia Director Derek Kirk Kim’s Journey into Animation

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast featured Derek Kirk Kim, prolific comics writer and artist, Senior Character Designer on Adventure Time, and Director for Disney TV’s Amphibia. In our chat, he shares the struggles of trying to make it as a comics artist and how that led to his career in animation.

You will also learn:

  • His proven structure for publishing graphic novels
  • How to get the right industry connections
  • A very clear picture of what it’s like being a character designer
  • Follow Derek Kirk Kim’s work on Instagram

Episode 30: Claymation Encyclopedia Marc Spess Shares Industry Tips On Making Professional Clay Films

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features master claymation animator Marc Spess who shares his encyclopedia knowledge on everything you need to know about sculpting clay for claymation.

You will also learn:

  • Every answer to every question you ever had about clay – and even ones you didn’t think to ask (like heating up clay colours in a pot to mix them faster).
  • How to set up your layers and reduce glare for animating on glass
  • The pitfalls of making a career out of stop motion and Marc’s advice if you’re losing interest, or feel like giving up (like I did for nearly a decade).

Episode 29: Boxtrolls Vis Dev Artist Sylvain Marc on How to Develop Concept Art for Film and TV

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Sylvain Marc, a Vis Dev artist who’s helped develop the look and feel (and characters) of BoxTrolls, Hotel Transylvania 2 & 3, and the Amazing World of Gumball. In this episode he shares how to develop concept art for film and television.

You’ll also learn:

  • The top three pieces of art to showcase in your portfolio
  • The entire process of pitching concept work for a feature film
  • The number one skill every concept artist needs to develop no matter what

Episode 28: Javan Ivey on Everything You Need to Make a Beginner Stop Motion Studio in Your Bedroom

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features seasoned stop motion animator Javan Ivey, on everything you need to make a beginner stop motion studio in your bedroom that will give you professional-quality videos.

You will also learn:

  • Javan’s journey into the world of commercial stop motion film making
  • The exact camera, lighting, stop motion equipment and software set up you need without breaking the bank
  • The number one reason when clients will pay for stop motion over other forms of animation

People Javan mentioned on the podcast:

Resources Javan mentioned on the podcast:

Episode 27: Cuphead’s Tina Nawrocki on How To Find Success in 2D Traditional Hand Drawn Animation

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Tina Nawrocki, one of the original hand-drawn animators on the Cuphead video game. Tina shares how she got her start in traditional 2D animator, how she landed Cuphead, and what opportunities exist for hand-drawn animators in the marketplace.

You’ll also learn:

  • The top 3 skills you’ll need to thrive in hand-drawn animation (2 of them may really surprise you)
  • How Tina risked everything to pursue hand-drawn video game animation
  • Tina’s complete process for creating the unique character loop animations in Cuphead

Watch this episode on YouTube

Follow Tina on:

Resources Tina mentions in this podcast:

Episode 26: Producer Barrett Slagle On Everything You Need To Know About Sound Design For Animation

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Mixer/Producer, and Studio Co-Owner Barrett Slagle, who shares everything an animator needs to know about sound design.

You’ll also learn:

  • The biggest mistake animators make when composing sound for their films
  • The best place to find a sound designer or composer for your film
  • A beginner’s cheat sheet for creating studio-level sound effects

Watch this episode on YouTube

  • Get in touch with Barrett, and hear his work on his website

Episode 25: Creative Director David Braun on Everything You Need to Know About the Business Side of Pitching a Show or Series

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features David Braun, Creative Director at Open the Portal, a stop motion studio in LA. David shares the journey it took to create the studio from scratch, while also developing and pitching an original series idea to major networks.

You’ll also learn:

  • The hardest questions a producer will ask you during the pitch
  • The #1 thing that will immediately impress any studio executive
  • A complete list of absolutely everything you need to prepare before you walk in to pitch your series

Watch this episode on YouTube

  • Reach out to David by email
  • Get in touch with Open the Portal Studio by email
  • Follow Open the Portal on Instagram

Episode 24: Whit Theofrastous, on What It’s like Being an International Animation Student in Canada and How to Get into Sheridan If You Live in the USA.

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Whitman Theofreastous, a second year International Animation Student at Sheridan College in Canada. Whit shares his experience with applying to multiple animation schools and the complete process to get into Sheridan from the USA.

You’ll also learn:

  • The big difference in application requirements between SVA, CalArts, Ringling, and Sheridan + the best place to get advice for each program.
  • The complete application process to apply to Sheridan as an International Student (including your visa and how much you’re allowed to work)
  • The number one biggest disadvantage of being an international student, plus three really great advantages

Episode 23: Aminder Dhaliwal Director at Disney TV Animation & Creator of Woman World on Finding Success on Instagram as an Artist

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Aminder Dhaliwal, Director at Disney TV Animation and creator of the massively popular comic Woman World, on how to find success on Instagram as an Artist.

You will also learn.

  • 5 Practical tips on how to stay mentally and physically healthy as a full-time artist
  • How to refine your storytelling process to be super punchy and clear
  • The difference in studio culture between Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney
  • Plus, why Aminder will never show anyone her sketchbook
  • And… Aminder’s best advice for Sheridan students’ grad film (she’s an alumni!)
  • Follow Aminder and read her comics on Instagram

Episode 22: 2D Effects Animator at Pipeline Studios Tracy Strong on How to Become a Sought-After 2D Effects Artist

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Tracy Strong, 2D Effects Animator at Pipeline Studios on the steps to build a career out of 2D effects.

You will also learn:

  • The 3 specific things to include in your portfolio if you want to get into 2D Effects (it’s not what you think)
  • What 90% of the job of a Special Effects Animator actually entails
  • Why being told you’re great at art can actually make you fail in animation

Episode 21: Maximilian Lopez Founder of Apartment D on How to Get Stop Motion Client Work

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Maximilian Lopez, stop motion animator on Tumble Leaf and Founder of Apartment D Films on how to get stop motion client work.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Max worked his way from painting a bathroom during his first internship to owning his own studio
  • How to entice clients to take on stop motion projects
  • A whole lot of really really solid business advice for anyone who wants to become a professional animator

Episode 20: Brent Dienst, Toy Story 4 Pixar Animator on How to Create Believable Character Performances

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Brent Dienst, Pixar Animator on how to create believable character performances.

You’ll also learn:

  • What Pixar looks for when they hire character animators
  • How to turn “throwaway shots” into career jumping opportunities
  • What the culture at Pixar is like for animators

Episode 19: Dale Hayward Director of Bone Mother for the NFB on His Latest Film and How to Build a Self-Sustaining Career from Stop Motion

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features NFB Director Dale Hayward on his latest film Bone Mother and how to build a career out of stop motion.

You’ll also learn:

  • The complete process of how National Film Board of Canada films are produced.
  • How Dale and co-director Sylvie created their own 3D printing process for face replacements
  • The one thing that will make you appear more legitimate to companies when seeking client work

Episode 18: Bill Tedford, Art Director at Brown Bag Films on How to Develop Children’s Programming IP

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Bill Tedford, Art Director at Brown Bag Films, on how to develop children’s programming IP.
You’ll also learn:

  • The complete process a children’s show goes through from idea to air
  • What kind of market research Brown Bag does before they develop an IP
  • Why it’s easier for background painters to become Art Directors
  • Reach out to Bill on LinkedIn
  • Send your portfolio to Brown Bag Films
  • Watch Team Canada’s 48 Hour Film Entry here
  • Watch an episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood here

Episode 17: Fernando Stockler, Sheridan Animation Student on How to Get into the Program and Do Really Really Well

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Fernando Stockler, Sheridan Animation Student, on how to get into the program and do really really really well.
You’ll also learn:

  • How to get top marks on your animation portfolio
  • What Sheridan’s Art Fundamentals Program is like
  • The #1 thing animation students struggle with
  • How making your mom freshly squeezed orange juice can help you get better grades
  • (plus, hear me say “like” 12,000 times)

Episode 16: Davey Ferguson, Guest Animator for Adventure Time & Turbo Fantasy Shares Freelance Life

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Davey Ferguson, a freelance, Glasgow based animator who talks about how to specialize in silly animation and artwork for TV, games, and online content.

You’ll also learn:

  • How he ended up animating a guest episode of Adventure Time
  • How to time manage yourself as a freelancer
  • The biggest stress a freelance animator faces

Episode 15: Andrew Strimaitis Animation Director At Guru Studio Talks Mentorship and Feedback Loops

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Andrew Strimaitis, Animation Director at Guru Studio who talks about mentorship and how a feedback loop can further your career (in leaps and bounds!).

You’ll also learn:

  • The KABOOMS formula for animating characters at maximum efficiency
  • The #1 thing Andrew’s seen motivate animators to do their best studio work
  • Andrew’s best advice on how to land any entry level animation job

Episode 14: Elyse Castro Creator Of The Summoning for Cartoon Hangover Shares How She Pitched Her Show Idea To Frederator

This episode features Elyse Castro, creator of The Summoning for Cartoon Hangover, on how she pitched her show idea to Frederator.

You’ll also learn:

  • How ridiculously simple Elyse’s pitch was
  • Everything you need to put together your own pitch (and all the stuff you don’t actually need to do)
  • The different types of tension that will make the story better

Episode 13: Emmy Winning Stop Motion Animator Sarah de Gaudemar on How to Make a Career out of Stop Motion

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Emmy winning Stop Motion Animator Sarah de Gaudemar on how to make a career out of stop motion animation.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to improve your stop motion skills (if you feel like you suck at it)
  • The best way to get into the industry
  • The big difference between TV stop motion and feature film stop motion
  • Get in touch with Sarah through her Instagram

Episode 12: Scarlet Nelson on How to Become a Stop Motion Animator for TV Shows

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Scarlet Nelson on how to become a TV show stop motion animator.

You’ll also learn:

  • The top three things to put in a stop motion demo reel
  • What a 9-5 day looks like animating a TV show in stop motion
  • The different skills needed for stop motion vs 2D and 3D animation

Episode 11: Jim Bryson on Being a Jack of All Trades and Making Your Own Show

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features ‘Jack off all trades’ animator, Jim Bryson on how to find success in a variety of roles and end up making your own show.

You will also learn:

  • The best way to get a studio executive to greenlight your show pitch
  • The different types of animation work you can expect in Canada, the US, and the UK
  • 4 tips to increase your Instagram followers

Episode 10: Vadim Bazhanov on the Top Skills Needed to Become a Successful Story Artist

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Vadim Bazhanov on how to become a successful Story Artist working on feature-length films.

You will also learn:

  • Vadim’s journey from graduating in Toronto to working at Blue Sky in New York
  • How he wrote the massively popular short The Early Hatchling Gets the Worm, which has nearly 40 million views on YouTube
  • What it’s like working with a director to develop a film

Episode 9: Rikke Asbjoern and Chris Garbutt on Being Showrunners for Netflix

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Rikke Asbjoern and Chris Garbutt on how they became showrunners on their own series for Netflix.

You will also learn:

  • The surprising advice they have on connecting with industry professionals
  • What they pitched to get their show Pinky Malinky picked up by Nickelodeon and then Netflix
  • Their take on mastering one skill vs learning a wide range of skills
  • Get in touch with Rikke and Chris through their Instagrams: FattyWhale and ThatDamnGarbutt
  • See Feedspot’s full list of the top 10 animation podcasts here.

Episode 8: Humberto Rosa on Being a Lead Animator at Sony Pictures

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Humberto Rosa on how he became a lead animator on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse at Sony Pictures Imageworks.

You will also learn:

  • Why positive reinforcement nearly led him down the wrong career path (and what it took to set his path straight)
  • The skill he picked up after animation school that changed his career for the better
  • How he dealt with insecurity and how he figured out how to produce his best work possible

Episode 7: Ronald Stanage on How to Break into the Animation Industry and Make Fart Jokes for Kids

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Cartoon Network’s Ronald Stanage on how to break into the animation industry and make fart jokes for kids.

You’ll also learn:

  • The one thing Ron did every day (for five years!) that landed him his role at Cartoon Network
  • The pros and cons of developing a wide range of skills vs mastering one skill over time
  • The most exciting and monotonous parts of being a storyboard artist
  • Get in touch with Ron through his Instagram
  • Watch Ron’s short, Tennis the Good Boy on YouTube

Episode 6: Lawrence Hugh Burns on What It Takes To Do Freelance And Professional Illustration

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Lawrence Hugh Burns on what it takes to do freelance and professional illustration.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Lawrence went from mowing lawns to becoming a professional illustrator
  • Two tips on how to price freelance work
  • The top three skills every professional illustrator needs

Episode 5: Colin Jack on How to Become a Story Artist at DreamWorks Animation

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features DreamWorks Animation’s Colin Jack on what it takes to become a story artist on feature-length films.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to stay competitive in an ever-changing industry
  • Three practical tips to make connections with industry professionals
  • What impact Instagram followers have on your professional career
  • Get in touch with Colin through his Instagram

Episode 4: Dodge Greenley On How To Become A Super Rad Storyboard Artist

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Cartoon Network’s Dodge Greenley on how to become a super rad storyboard artist.

You’ll also learn:

  • The number one skill every storyboard artist needs to climb the ranks
  • How to board the 3-act story formula every TV episode goes through
  • What to show in your portfolio when applying to storyboard artist jobs
  • Get in touch with Dodge and see his ridiculous comics on his Instagram

Episode 3: Ryan Quincy On Creating and Running Successful Animation Television Shows

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Emmy award winning South Park producer Ryan Quincy on how to create and run a successful animated television show.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Ryan began his career without going to animation school
  • The biggest mistake creators make when pitching shows to networks
  • The number one thing students need to focus on to become a successful producer or show creator

Episode 2: Fred Seibert on How to Pitch a Show

This episode features Fred Seibert, founder of Frederator Studios, on how to create your own show. You’ll also learn:

  • The number one thing that makes a successful creator and a successful pitch
  • The top three skills show creators need to have
  • The biggest myth that everyone believes about pitching a show

Episode 1: Brett Jubinville On How to Create Your Own Show

This episode features Brett Jubinville, creator of Super Science Friends, on how to create your own show. You’ll also learn:

  • The process Super Science Friends went through from concept to production
  • The three most important skills you need to be hired at a small animation studio
  • The ins and outs of pitching a show to Netflix

Looking for More Great Animation Podcasts?

If you’re looking for other great animation podcasts, I also compiled a list of every animation podcast that exists! The list contains over 50 current and discontinued animation podcasts filled with TV show reviews, news, interviews, and software tips.

Here it is: Every Animation Podcast in One Big List (50+)

Happy listening!