The Key: Frawin and Sholar meet an ancient underground beast in this quick thriller

Red: A volcano erupts before it’s schedule to, causing the suicide party to be a failure

Above Decks (text or audio)A steampunk story featuring a poor coal boy, a nasty monkey, and a giant clock, all taking place on an airship.

  • Staff Pick 2015 by Dani Daly at CastofWonders!

Unicorn vs Rock Giant (Unicornado! Anthology $2.99): A ridiculous story about believing in the true power of unicorns, rock giants, spaghetti, bowl-cut haircuts, and grandmas.

Godswap Apocalypse ($3.99):  The terrible story of George, who wakes up with all God’s powers, but the only miracle he’s figured out how to do is bring about the apocalypse.

New App Death: 101 words about the latest craze phone app

Twenty Days of Writing ($3.95): Want to write, but can’t find the time? Read my collection of 20 short, quirky stories that comes with a challenge to help spank some motivation into you.

Jackie the Pokébaker: Jackie’s job at a bakery sucks, she’d much rather be following her pokémon passion.

Beverly Draws on Deck: One word: Spacetanic (which is two words together, space titanic).

Doron and Erin Get Lost: Maybe they should have taken that last right around the Milky Way.

Invasion: My attempt at a 200-word story. It’s been rejected from nearly everywhere 😦