Terry’s March Watercolour Writing Newsletter

READ MY FULLY FINISHED, 365 DAY DONE COMIC ON INSTAGRAM HERE. If you’re interested in getting my comic book, I’m still working on ironing out the details, but I hope it’s available soooooooooooooooooon! As always, read the first (highly unedited) chapter of The Moon King here. In case you missed it, here’s the link to last … More Terry’s March Watercolour Writing Newsletter

Terry’s November Watercolour Writing Newsletter

Read my watercolour story about a mouse and an egg here (scroll down to start reading from the beginning). For those of you interested in my watercolour webcomic in book format, stay tuned! As always, read the first chapter of The Moon King here Here’s the link to last month’s watercolor newsletter Subscribe below to receive my next … More Terry’s November Watercolour Writing Newsletter

Make Your Novel More Compelling by Using Emotion

Every event in your novel is just the news unless your main character has an opinion on it. A volcano erupts and kills everyone in town… Okay. Your main character’s beloved daughter was in the town when it erupted… Super Sad! Your main character had taken out life insurance on his daughter right before she … More Make Your Novel More Compelling by Using Emotion