The Moon King



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The Moon King destroyed the moon and Earth is next. Only Lome’s time-stopping powers can put an end to it all.

The Moon King is a novel filled with mystery, deranged beings, adventure, and a silly goat (thrown in just for fun). Email me and I’ll email you back this novel for free!FB Ad moon king LP

When seventeen year old goat herder, Lome, discovers his pendant can stop time and restart the past, everything changes—particularly because this happens while he’s tumbling to his death.

A week earlier, Lome discovers a pendant that was left to him by his mother. Determined to understand the secrets she took to her grave, he sets out with his best friend, Juna, to discover where the pendant—and his mother—came from.

Travelling into the forest, Lome encounters the Moon King, whose hunger is consuming the earth as it once did the moon. Fleeing with Juna to a nearby town, news of Lome’s newly discovered time-stopping feats are soon widespread and the tyrannous Lord Swallowtail, who’s been searching relentlessly for the pendant, learns of his whereabouts.

Stopping time doesn’t stop Lome’s problems and he realizes that he must face either Lord Swallowtail or the Moon King. Hoping to put two evils to rest at once, he uses the pendant to draw Swallowtail into the Moon King’s grasp, where he finally discovers the truth behind his mother’s death.


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The Moon King Chapters 11 – 22