Flash Fiction: Doron and Erin Get Lost

Doron and Erin Get Lost

Waking up is never easy. It’s sluggish and you feel very old.

“Something isn’t right! Doron, come quick!”

Her voice was shrill. I yawned and wiped my eyes.

“No no no! ” she yelled. I carefully stepped out of the cyrosleep chamber and grabbed a towel.

“Quit worrying, Erin,” I called as I wiped slime from my body. “Did you turn the ship around?”

I chuckled to myself. Last time we visited my parents in Sector 6, she freaked out thinking we were lost. Turned out we had arrived facing the other way, their planet was just behind us.

“Yes! I’m serious! Come here!”

I sighed and grabbed my housecoat. She was in the control deck, frantically scrolling through the ship’s readouts.

“Calm down, let’s see.”

“We’re not in Sector 6 at all! Look!”

According to the readout, we were 12 light years from my parent’s.

“How the heck?” I scanned through the inputs and quickly realised she had entered the wrong coordinates. One degree off for thirty years in cyrosleep meant we were twelve light years away.

“We’re going to miss your dad’s 150th!”

“That’s it, Erin,” I said. “This is the last time I let you drive.”