Animation Industry Podcast Episode 34: Igloosoft Founder & RimWorld/Starbound Pixel Artist Rho On How To Get Into Indie Games

animation industry podcastThis episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Rho “Rhopunzel” Watson, the Founder of Igloosoft, the developer of Outworlder, and former Pixel Artist from RimWorld and Starbound. Rho shares their journey into indie game development and how to make the best pixel art.

You’ll also learn:

  • Rho’s top tips to get noticed as a pixel artist
  • Where to get really good reference for creating pixel art
  • The easiest and best way to get into the Indie Game Development scene
  • Which healthy habits will help you avoid burnout from art and animation

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More about Rho “Rhopunzel” Watson:

This episode features a very well known pixel artist turned indie video game developer who chats about how they landed in the exciting world of indie video games, what it’s actually like, and what they spend 90% of their time actually doing, plus a really important discussion about burnout and how to maintain a healthy artist mentality over the years.

That artist is none other than Rho, or “Rhopunzel” as they are known online.

And if you aren’t familiar with Rho (who is very present on Twitter and in the Indie Video Game scene), they were one of the main pixel artists behind developing Starbound, one of the main vector artists on RimWorld, and the lead artist on Gnomoria.

But, more exciting is that they are working on a fresh new pixel-art, open-world sandbox game, Outworlder at Igloosoft, the company they Founded this past year.

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