Animation Industry Podcast Episode 33: Instagram Famous Frantic Frames On How To Do 100 Stop Mo Posts In A Row No Matter What

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Treat, otherwise known as Frantic Frames on Instagram. He shares how he challenged himself to create 100 stop motion posts over 100 days, and how he because sought after for branded sponsorships on Instagram.

This episode of the Animation Industry Podcast features Ben

You’ll also learn:

  • Ben’s top 5 hacks to animate with a budget of zero dollars
  • The surprising tactic Ben took to get his first sponsored post
  • How Ben intentionally grew his Instagram following.

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More about Ben Treat:

Today I’m chatting with Ben Treat, otherwise known as his Instagram name, Frantic Frames.

In November 2018, he took on a project to do 100 stop motion posts in 100 days completely out of nowhere. Ever since, people started to take notice of him – and in the past few months he’s amassed nearly 13,000 followers, and growing… so much so that he’s become sought after by brands looking for creative-types of sponsorships for their social posts. Ben has even become a brand ambassador for Dyno Equipment, a cinematic accessory company.

Following him personally, I can see how influential he’s been in how brands view stop motion as a new opportunity to show their products. I’ve also seen a burst of independent animators who are following Ben’s work and experimenting with stop motion themselves.

What’s more is that Ben is only 17, and is still powering through high school as we speak.

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