A Shortcut to Getting Published

You’ve just finished your first novel. Your next step is getting published, right?

Wrong! There’s so many other steps you need to do after finishing your novel. What about finding an editor? What about agents? What about self-publishing?

All these questions were going through my mind earlier this year.

I spent months and months trying to figure out what to do with my first completed novel. Writing it was one thing. I hardly believed I would ever even finish it, that I never even thought about getting it published.

What I needed was a guide to help me understand everything I had to do.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find one on the internet. Believe me, I did plenty of research… this past year, I…

  • Read hundreds of blog posts
  • Searched through dozens of forums and asked tonnes of questions
  • Consulted with published authors and agents
  • Talked with my writing peers about what they were doing
  • and so much more…

What I wish I would have found (which I didn’t), was an ALL-IN-ONE guide on everything I needed to do to go from the finished-my-first-novel phase to getting-my-first-agent phase.

I spent months learning exactly what to do, what would work, what wouldn’t work, and I’m proud to say that I’m currently in the query phase. And while I don’t have an agent yet, I have had a few that have been interested in my novel.

So, in the mean time, I’ve put together a complete guide on everything I’ve learned to get myself to this point.

So, if you’ve just finished your first novel, this guide is perfect for you! I’ve been in your shoes. I know the confusion, the hesitation, the plain not-knowing-what-to-do. BUT! Now I’m miles ahead.

This guide will put you miles ahead too.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at my Ultimate Guide on how to Publish Your First Novel.

Finished your first manuscript?

killer queryYou need to know how to write a killer query letter!

  • Learn the 3 step process
  • Know how to format your query in a professional manner
  • Read examples of other killer queries
  • Plus tips & tricks to get ahead & more! 


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