When Writing a Novel, How Often Do you Deadline Yourself?

Writing GuyYeah, you’re writing. Great! I write too. I write about unicorns, and airships, and snow ghosts, and moustache stealing aliens. So here’s the deal…

You started writing, but when will you stop?

I don’t mean stop as in stop forever, I mean stop as in finish. When is your short story due? Well, that may be easy to answer, because if you’re submitting it somewhere, there’s often a deadline.

So when is your novel due? You don’t have a submission deadline, you don’t have an agent constantly bugging you to get it done. You’re not accountable to anyone but yourself, and you haven’t set a deadline.

So why is it important to deadline yourself?


Think of it. You keep putting your novel off. You keep dragging it through versions of editing. You keep writing more to avoid an ending. It never gets done and you never move on! The only way to improve writing is to write!

Do this right now: Set yourself a deadline. Make it next Monday. Make it the 31st. Make it appropriate and achievable.

Now that you have a deadline, what are the steps you need to put in place to get there? Try this: wake up an hour before work to write. That’s what I did to write this post.

With a clear goal in mind, make sure you stick to it! There’s no point in letting it slide. If you need to be accountable to a friend, do that.

All right, I’m going to stop rambling on about this. The point is to make a deadline.


Happy writing!

PS: Feel free to email me if you’d like me to get on your case about writing every once in a while! (terrystories@gmail.com)

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